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Zanzibar team making good progress

30th May 2019

Zanzibar team making good progress

One of the projects that Just One Ocean is supporting is a beach clean up and education initiative in Zanzibar. Late 2018 we were contacted by Haroun, an English teacher from Zanzibar. He had been working as a snorkel guide for a local dive shop and was shocked about the state of the reefs, the fishing practices used by local fishermen, and the trash on the beaches of his island, Zanzibar.  He tried talking to the fishermen and the local people by explaining the fragility of the environment and its ecosystems and the need to keep them clean and in good health. He realized that most people he spoke to didn’t know the importance of a healthy environment nor that their behaviour was affecting the environment in such a detrimental way. Haroun decided he needed to take action! He started a project of raising awareness through education.

Haroun is ambitious when it comes to raising awareness and cleaning up the island’s beaches, he wants to take his presentation and beach cleans to the entire island of Zanzibar.  The plan for 2019 is to visit 40 schools and do 27 beach cleanups.

You can help support Haroun by going to our fund raising page for this project

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