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If you want to organise a beach clean you can upload the details here and then invite people to join you. Before you register your beach clean make sure you have read through our guidelines.

Register to organise a beach clean

Fill in the form below to organise a beach clean at a beach of your choice. Your details will be sent to administrators who will verify your application before making the event live.

Let your volunteers know what date the clean is on.

The full postal address for to make it easy for volunteers to find.

The nearest village, town or city to your beach.

A short description of the meeting location for volunteers.

Let volunteers know what time the clean starts.

Let volunteers know what time the clean is likely to finish.

Use the map to search and pinpoint your beach clean location.

Upload an image of your beach. Use a landscape image with a minimum width of 730px and a minimum height of 410px.

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This site relies on donations from our supporters. If you would like to help us to clean up the coastlines of the world, please get in touch.