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Our oceans are in trouble

Why get involved?


“The secret of getting things done is to act” – Dante

Ocean litter is a huge problem.  In the oceans of the world, huge garbage patches of our rubbish that we have carelessly discarded are swirling around.  Much of the litter, around 80% in fact, is plastic.  We manufacture around 335 million tonnes of the stuff a year – that is more than the weight of the entire adult population of the planet. The problem is that while plastic is an amazingly versatile and useful product that we have come to rely on, around half of what we produce we use just once, then we throw it away.

It is very difficult to know what to do about the ocean garbage patches, but scientists are working on it. However, much of it gets picked up by ocean currents and is washed up on coastlines. This is one place where we can get to it.  Marine debris washed up on coastlines is clear for everyone to see, and one way that we can all help is by picking it up. It may seem like a never ending task, but if we all participate it will make a difference.

Why get involved?