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Small actions = huge ripples



You don’t have to be at an organised beach clean to make change. You can make a difference wherever you are, at any time, whether you are on your own, or with your family.

Next time you are at a beach, why not take part in your own little beach clean! This can be pre-planned, or spontaneous. Maybe you know you are heading to a beach so can take a container with you to fill up. Maybe you find a plastic bag or crisp packet on the beach and decide to fill that up with beach litter and then put it in your bag until you reach a bin.

A little beach clean can be any size you can manage, don’t feel disheartened if you can’t clean a whole beach! Every little effort makes a difference. Don’t under estimate the influence your actions can have on the people around you, inspiring them to pick up litter or not drop it in the first place. Similarly, you can take this idea away from the beach. It can also be applied when visiting other environments like parks, fields, rivers or when hiking; if the litter is picked up here then it won’t reach the ocean!

Small actions can have huge ripples. Make a difference today.